Tax Consulting

Discover the difference!

The peculiarities in tax consulting are various and with lack of experience it is hardly understandable. Therefore we would like to introduce our concept.We guide you in every issue of tax consulting and help you  fully in tax planning.We place particular value on personal service and modern technology for the highest level of  efficiency. For getting a solution for any problem from a single source, we built a strong network with longtime partners.
Financial and wage accounting
  • We support you in all areas of the accountancy according to your individual needs.
  • Drawing up the entire accounting, also by digital accounting with faxed or scanned bookkeeping vouchers
  • Setting up systems for statement of costs
  • Trade comparisons of different branches
  • Controlling-Report
  • Setting up salary statements
  • Digital transmission of supporting documents, notifications to social security, wage tax returns
  • Setting up of transfer orders for wages, health insurance funds, etc. on paper or digital to get read in online-banking programs


Annual statements of accounts

With our professionally provided annual accounts – alternatively with report and/or plausibility check – you are informed about all figures of your enterprise. Our final presentation illustrates the development and the events in your company figuratively.

  • Drawing up private and entrepreneurial tax returns
  • Legal representation in investigations by the tax authorities, investigations into suspected tax offences, legal remedy proceedings, proceedings before a tax court
  • Comparisons of tax burden
  • Consulting and planning support in national and international tax law and cross-border statement of affairs
  • Consulting about fiscal effects provided for your projects in detail